SELA Orleans


SELA Program

What is the SELA Program?

SELA stands for the Southeast Louisiana Drainage Project. The SELA project’s principle objective is to improve the drainage system which consists of canals and pumping stations.

Why is the project occurring in my neighborhood?

Based on drainage information gathered by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), it was concluded that your area endures significant drainage problems. The SELA project was developed to answer several of these problems in your area which includes: increased flooding, economic loss, emotional distress, and inconvenience. Overall, this project is designed to improve drainage in you neighborhood.

Who coordinates the project?

This project is administered under a cooperation agreement between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans. The original agreement was signed by the S&WB in January of 1997. A new agreement was signed in January 2009 by the Louisiana State Costal Protection and Restoration Authority on behalf of the S&WB.

How will the SELA project affect me and my family?

This project is designed to help improve your neighborhood’s drainage. We do expect some minimal inconveniences such as noise, traffic rerouting and parking limitations. In order to reduce these inconveniences we will: Limit canal construction to 2 to 4 block areas, install temporary water and sewer lines and provide temporary paved walkways for access to homes. An Information Phone Line has also been set up to answer any additional questions or concerns residents in the drainage project construction areas may have.